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Our Founder.

Rev. Dr. Vanessa McCoy Owens, “Let God Do a New Thing”.
Ordained as a minister by the Word of Life Christian Center, International, and bestowed the Doctorate of Theology by the Heath Missions Bible College, Vanessa McCoy Owens has been following  the Light of God in responding to human need as well as  blazing the trail for others to follow for more than 40 years.

 She uses the gifts of love with empathy to answer the call of pain and suffering at home and abroad.  She uses the talents of a powerful singing voice with the ability to speak goodness into the lives of others. As well, she uses the skills of an entrepreneur who has collaborated with other professionals who have the vision of helping to build a world that works for everyone.

Dr. Owens first began to recognize the call when she entered the Janie Porter Barrett School for Girls, where she was trained in vocational skills and morality. The programs were designed to cultivate character, self-reliance and self-discipline, which are the cornerstones of all of what she does today.


The programs anchored the activities around love of race, love of fellow-men and love of country of which Dr. Owens has committed most of her professional life to demonstrating, promoting and upholding.

Vanessa’s ability to hear the call was heightened when she, along with others, responded with humanitarian effort in war torn Lagos, Nigeria, as well as to help build a school in Bolivia, South America. Her ministry continued into foreign missions to Cancun, Mexico; Tokyo, Japan; Stuttgart, Germany; Seoul Korea; and Rome, Italy.  Answering the call has led Dr. Owens from kneeling in prayer in huts in Haiti to preaching on the Sea of Galilee.
Along Dr. Owens’ path were the Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Life Center (MLKFLC) and the Reigning Life Community Church of Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  She served as founder and the executive director of MLKFLC.  The center served struggling families, persons re-entering society after incarceration, and at-risk youth ages 12-21 who needed interventions of food, clothing, and/or shelter.  Rev. Owens served as pastor of the Reigning Life Community Church of Lebanon.  This worship center was an outreach and evangelical ministry that partnered with other supporters to respond to the needs of many of the clients from the MLKFLC and surrounding neighborhood residents. These entities provided the foundation and encouragement to “let God do a new thing”.
With so many responses to the call of human need coupled with the desire to relieve a level of pain and suffering, Dr. Owens is above all else a Humanitarian.  In addition to the gifts, talents and skills she possesses, she has become a Peace activist, an author, and a consultant in the areas of self development, cultural diversity, and conflict resolution.  Restoring peace, healing and hope is the mission of Dr. Owens’ award winning “40 Days of Peace Initiative”, which has received special recognition from the White House, the Presidents’ Interfaith Community Service Initiative.  She is an accredited Ambassador of Peace and Cultural Trainer. 
These are the offerings she has to “let God do a new thing”.

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